ENKO Birleşik Enerji Sistemleri


Basic Services

ENKO provides all of the services required to develop and deliver energy-related initiatives. We are able - and willing - to work in partnership with you as consultant, as implementer, or in both capacities.

Our staff has the skill sets to identify the opportunities, determine the financial impact, and follow through with the actual implementation. This expertise can supplement and enhance your own capabilities, from planning and analysis all the way through full ownership and operations.

Energy Auditing

Understanding energy consumption begins with comprehensive energy auditing. We assess virtually any process that consumes energy, including heating, lighting, ventilation, air conditioning, motors, controls, compressed air systems, industrial process, power generation, etc. We look at hundreds of different efficiency measures and work with you to pinpoint the opportunities that will create the most value and benefit in terms of energy savings, process improvements, or reduced maintenance costs.

Energy Engineering

ENKO's engineering staff performs the energy end-use analysis, conceptual and design engineering, and equipment specification. Completed projects have addressed the full range of systems and equipment:

  • Process and process-support equipment,
  • Central boiler and chiller plants,
  • Heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC),
  • Energy management control systems,
  • Electric motors and drives,
  • Electrical distribution systems and power management,
  • Lighting systems,
  • On-site generation, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, and cogeneration,
  • Thermal storage.
Project Management

ENKO’s staff of project managers will ensure successful on-time and on-budget delivery with a high level of customer satisfaction. We have a thorough knowledge of the duties involved and coordinate closely with all trades, vendors, and managers. From project kick-off to commissioning, we keep you informed and are readily accessible to answer questions and handle issues.

Operation & Maintenance

For many customers, operation and maintenance (O&M) is one of the larger cost items associated with energy infrastructure. ENKO works with companies to design and implement improved maintenance practices that preserve plant assets and reduce the frequency of equipment failures. We move customers from "break-fix" to preventive and predictive best practices.

Services range from consultation to complete outsourcing, or any combination in between. Under an outsourcing agreement, risks and costs, including staff, materials and equipment repair/replacement costs are transferred to ENKO. Successful strategies we have employed to reduce O&M costs include:

  • Improving productivity of existing process lines,
  • Improving energy utilization,
  • Reducing consumption of non-product and non-energy resources such as water,
  • Making O&M labor more productive,
  • Parts inventory and supply chain optimization.
Performance Measurement & Verification

Measurement and verification (M&V) is an integral part of any contract that involves guaranteed or shared savings. Our approach to M&V for cost reduction measures applies proven engineering principles coupled with equitable risk-management strategies. The M&V plans we develop are tailored to your needs and the specific project(s). Methods include:

  • Calculated or "stipulated" savings, developed jointly with the customer,
  • One-time, or short-term, performance measurements conducted post-installation,
  • On-going post-installation measurement and monitoring.