ENKO Birleşik Enerji Sistemleri


Energy Efficiency

ENKO has unrivaled knowledge, technical capabilities and intellectual capital needed to develop solutions that improve efficiency, productivity and financial performance while reducing risk and cost.

Our efficiency and productivity services are designed to reduce energy and operating costs, increase productivity, and modernize facilities. In many cases, we enhance safety and comfort, and achieve regulatory compliance.

Power Quality & Reliability

With today's advanced systems and equipment, the quality of power can make a big difference in how the equipment operates. Even millisecond power disturbances can cause equipment to shut down. ENKO can diagnose problems in your electrical systems that affect power quality, then design and implement solutions for new and upgraded power systems that deliver the quality you need to deliver goods and services.

Performance Contracting

Through performance contracting, we can deliver a comprehensive cost reduction project that is entirely self-funding. The cost of the project is paid from the savings realized, and you typically see a positive cash flow.

Demand-Side Management

ENKO works collaboratively with you to identify and implement capital projects and operational modifications that reduce the ownership, operations and maintenance costs of energy-consuming systems and equipment. We'll also help you secure any rebates offered by utilities and government resources. Types of projects developed for customers include the following:

  • Equipment Efficiency – Equipment replacement, system component retrofit, energy recovery equipment addition
  • Operational Efficiency – Operating procedures modification, controls addition, control sequence refinement, maintenance practices alteration
  • Load Management – Energy source switching, dual fuel capability, operating schedule modifications, converted energy storage
  • Process Productivity – Production flow refinement, capacity bottlenecking reduction, production line speed increases, new process technology.