ENKO Birleşik Enerji Sistemleri


Energy Infrastructure

ENKO provides a wide range of energy plant development, design, construction and management services for energy conversion equipment (e.g., boilers, chillers, air compressors) and for onsite generation and power plant operation. We relieve customers of the burdens associated with owning, operating and maintaining plant utilities. We focus on the energy, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Asset Monetization

Asset monetization can free up cash for debt repayment or core business investment. Even more important, by outsourcing to ENKO, you can shed the operating risks of non-core energy infrastructure. We will assume ownership and/or maintenance responsibilities for the energy-conversion systems, then provide you the output - steam, transformed power, compressed air, and chilled water, etc. The contract will provide structured rates and guaranteed levels of reliability.

Plant Rehabilitation

A well-managed facility is safe, efficient, cost-effective, and provides a comfortable working environment. In increasing numbers, organizations today are outsourcing part or all of the facilities management function to reduce operational costs and risks. Rather than dealing with internal staff and multiple vendors, you can partner with ENKO under one contract - managed with a single performance-based guarantee. Areas of particular expertise include:

  • Facility maintenance: corrective; preventive; predictive,
  • Value engineering,
  • Performance benchmarking,
  • Capital renewal planning.
On-site Cogeneration and Combined Heat and Power Systems

Cogeneration, a decades-old power-delivery system that uses a single fuel (such as natural gas) to simultaneously produce useful heat and electricity, is enjoying a renaissance these days. The reason: concerns about reliability, security, efficiency, and cost. Combined heat and power projects are looking very attractive to many different users - manufacturers, hospitals, college campuses, and military bases and airfields. ENKO develops state-of-the-art cogeneration facilities that provide all or part of the electrical and thermal requirements. We can also manage any excess electric power generated, helping you sell unused power back to the utility grid to offset purchases.

Distributed Generation (Micro Cogeneration)

The use of small power generation systems located near the load being served has many potential benefits:

  • Lower costs,
  • Improve reliability,
  • Reduce emissions,
  • Create fuel optionality,
  • Add emergency backup power.

ENKO can perform the feasibility analysis, then install and, if desired - maintain, and operate the generating units. We handle all the details: site load study, delivery and site distribution system evaluation, preliminary siting, fuel storage, environmental requirements, safety code requirements, conceptual equipment specification, development, and budgetary pricing, and full project and construction management. The proposed on-site generation system can be sized to serve both existing and anticipated facility loads.


Outsourcing is now recognized as one of the top business strategies for long-term growth and profitability. By outsourcing energy infrastructure management and operation to ENKO, you gain best-in-class capabilities for a critical, but non-core function. Most companies find that between 60% and 90% of the activities performed by their staffs are:

  • Not performed at optimum levels and/or,
  • Do not contribute significantly to the core business.

These activities are prime candidates for outsourcing because the risk is relatively small and the rewards substantial. Through outsourcing, you can transfer the risks associated with owning, operating and maintaining energy assets to ENKO - whose core competency is to manage such risks and deliver reliable output.