ENKO Birleşik Enerji Sistemleri

Our Services

  • Main Services

    ENKO provides all of the services required to develop and deliver energy-related initiatives. We are able - and willing - to work in partnership with you as consultant, as implementer, or in both capacities.

    Our staff has the skill sets to identify the opportunities, determine the financial impact, and follow through with the actual implementation. This expertise can supplement and enhance your own capabilities, from planning and analysis all the way through full ownership and operations.

  • Energy Efficiency

    ENKO has unrivaled knowledge, technical capabilities and intellectual capital needed to develop solutions that improve efficiency, productivity and financial performance while reducing risk and cost.

    Our efficiency and productivity services are designed to reduce energy and operating costs, increase productivity, and modernize facilities. In many cases, we enhance safety and comfort, and achieve regulatory compliance.

  • Energy Infrastructure

    ENKO provides a wide range of energy plant development, design, construction and management services for energy conversion equipment (e.g., boilers, chillers, air compressors) and for onsite generation and power plant operation. We relieve customers of the burdens associated with owning, operating and maintaining plant utilities.

    We focus on the energy, allowing you to focus on your core business.